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Alex Spackling

Alex Spackling

Key Features

  • Professional Strength - Repairs Drywall, Wood & Metal
  • Fill In One Coat - Won’t Sink or Shrink
  • Superior Paintability - Won’t Flash Paint
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Perfect for Interior & Exterior Applications
  • Flexible - Eliminate Reoccurring Cracks
  • Won’t Shrink or Crack
  • Sandable / Paintable
  • Perfect for Interior & Exterior Applications

Helpful Tips

  • 1

    De-gloss surface with sandpaper for better adhesion to the drywall.

  • 2

    Use the back of a putty knife to knock down any rough edges of the repair to create a smooth surface.

  • 3

    Using a flexible putty knife will provide the best application experience when applying spackling compound.

  • 4

    Overfill the repair slightly when applying so you can sand it down to a smooth, flat finish when dry.

  • 5

    For a smoother finish, dip putty knife into water & lightly smooth spackling prior to drying.

  • 6

    Dual-grit sanding using medium (60 to 100-grit) and finishing with fine (120 to 220-grit) sandpaper will help achieve a smooth finished repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 to 5 hours depending on temperature, humidity and depth of fill.

Alex Plus Spackling is ideal for filling holes and cracks in surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, brick, metal & stone. Alex Flex Flexible Spackling is ideal for providing a solution to eliminate reoccurring cracks in drywall. For exterior applications, always topcoat with a high-quality exterior-grade paint.

  • Surface must be clean, dry & free of foreign material.
  • Apply with a clean putty knife.
  • One application is usually sufficient for small repairs
  • For repairs deeper than 1/8”, apply 2 or more layers allowing to dry between applications.
  • May be sanded or painted in 1 to 5 hours depending on temperature, humidity & depth of fill.

DAP® Alex Spackling is not ideal for use below a water line or for marine or automobile applications. It also should not be used as a skim coat.

Clean tools immediately with water. Cured spackling must be cut or scraped away